My 17-yr-old daughter wrote this poem for me on Mothers Day, my heart melted.

*Moms, this is the stuff that matters to them. Just be there, and be yourself. ? ___________________________________________________________________ Mom I love you You just make things so much freakin’ damn better When things are down you are always there You allow me to feel shitty And then right after I don’t even have to force a smile You do random dance… Read more →

Musings while paddle boarding with my daughters

I’ve dreamed of a day like this for a long time.  Combining my love of paddle boarding, and connecting with my daughters out on the ocean, no agenda just pure blue ocean, a board and a paddle to take us on a little journey. When you’re out on the water, paddling your own board and soaking up nature you stop… Read more →

Coming out of the anorexia closet, 25 years later.

originally posted on my account on Medium. Today I’m thinking about 13-year old anorexic Mia. That’s right, I haven’t thought much about her, maybe because I associate so much with being a strong and healthy momma now, I’m embarrassed by the fact that I was once so immersed in a battle with myself and my body. It’s been 25 years,… Read more →

New Podcast! What would you tell your teenage self about love, sex and relationships? An intimate conversation with Kelsey Grant

Recently I had the privilege to sit down with Relationship Expert and Love Coach, Kelsey Grant for the amazing conversation about relationships, self-love and sexuality, especially in the context of how our teen years affect us and she shared some really powerful gems that are helpful for women in every stage of life. Don’t you just love when conversation flows, hearts… Read more →

New Podcast! Talking with author Minke De Vos about Tao Tantric Arts for Women: Cultivating Sexual Energy, Love, and Spirit

I have been so blessed to be taking an in-depth course from one of North America’s most experienced teachers in Tao Tantric arts, and can honestly say, it’s changed my life.  I still feel so very new at the art of opening and flowing fully in my feminine energy but am incredibly thankful to Minke de Vos, teacher, mentor and… Read more →

talking to your daughter about sex

How to Talk to Your Teenage Daughter about Sex

Ask any parent of a teenager, especially teen girls and 9 times out of 10, they haven’t talked to their girls about sex even though they know their daughters are around sex, being influenced and maybe in a potential situation to have it. It’s a sensitive topic that is mostly avoided due to the conundrum – fear of encouraging and… Read more →

are you copper toxic

New Podcast! Are You Copper Toxic?

This in an in-depth conversation/interview style with Rick Fisher about the effects and symptoms of Copper Toxicity on women’s health and how you can get tested, and ultimately get rid of it! Copper toxicity is a build-up of bio-unavailable copper in the body that gets stored primarily in the liver (initially) and then subsequently in the brain and other organs.… Read more →