5 Ways to Tap Into Your Fire. Ignite your Passion today.

1.  Be open to experience.

This is the direct opposite of being psychologically defensive. To be open to experience is to be aware of everything going on within of thoughts, feelings, urges, sensory input; and aware of everything without, going on around you. The more aware you are, the more fully you will be able to be a social being and an individual at the same time.

2.  Have an internal locus of evaluation.

What you do, what you create, how you feel and how you judge what you’ve created is what has value, not what others say or believe. This is all that really matters, this strength and individuality. Holding onto what you value opens the door for all of your potential.

3.  Become confident.

As you become more aware and open to all that you experience within and without, and the more that you trust those experiences, the more you will trust that what you value is worthwhile. You will find a confidence that is real and valid, and it is because it is truly you.

4.  Become playful.

As more of what is within you comes out, you will be less rigid in your thinking, and you will see more possibilities than what is the old tried and true. You’ll find other solutions, new ways of looking at things; you’ll have hunches and you’ll be open and spontaneous in trying new ways of doing things.

5.  Take risks.

Being open to experience, having an internal locus of evaluation, being confident and playful is “thinking outside the box.” It’s also the opposite of the way you’ve lived so far. It is a bit of a risk.

Now is the time when creativity is badly needed.

Creativity is in our nature, yet it is nearly squashed out of existence by our laws and by our culture.