6 Ways to Bring Up Your Vibrancy

Who couldn’t use a consistent source of vibrant and alive energy? I know, I know, there’s no magic pill but there are definitely some simple proven ingredients in this recipe – might want a read-through reminder.

1. Fitness: I see all of you rolling your eyes. No lectures, just personal experience here.
Exercise is my sanity, and science has proven that over and over again. Move to your own beat, groove to what moves you. There no rules…

2. Diet: You are what you eat, right? Do you want to be a lifeless pile of mashed potatoes or a lean springy string bean? We all have our feelings and attachments to food – attach yourself to what your food can DO for you, not what you’ll do for food.

3. Look right in the mirror and see your value – the unlimited, pricelessness of you being you. Embrace every nook, cranny and inch of your incredible being that’s here to live life to the fullest and completely surrender to the awesomeness of your eternal soul. Once you see your value, the world is your oyster. That is crazy exciting! Excitement is energy on fire.

4. Work You Love: Ever notice how you skip down the office corridor or stay up until the wee hours of the morning when you immerse yourself in a project that lights up your whole being?
We can and do act out of character in the service of ’core personal projects.’
~ Susan Cain
I know you are probably sick to death of everyone touting the, Do what you love! mantra. Easier said than done. Time is a factor. Money is another. Maybe you don’t know yourself well enough to know what fuels your soul. All valid arguments. But I’d like to go on record saying that you cannot afford NOT to invest in a dream or passion. I’m still working on it but one things for sure, I’m NOT giving up. What will you wish you had done most with your work time, 20 years from now?

4 key elements to finding and tasting bliss – Pay attention. Reflect. Evolve. Take action.
Pay attention to what makes your heart leap and time melt as well as what makes your stomach tighten or your shoulders tense. Reflect on what gave you great amusement in the past. What memories make your face soften and your eyes twinkle? Use your (budding) self-awareness to grow. To conquer fears and learn from mistakes. Lastly, move forward. Change is quick but fighting change is a LONG slow process. According to Jonathon Fields of Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt into Fuel for Brilliance, there is no sideways in life. Sideways eventually leads to being behind.

5. Surround Yourself with Spirited People: This means orbit around folks with inner lights. The ones who get all geeked about their latest discovery. The ones who know themselves and feel comfortable in their own rumpled jeans. These people are better than caffeine.

Truly life-enhancing companions will draw out your gifts as they practice their own.
My bet is that once you find this kind of tribe you will want to chatter away. You’ll have to hold yourself back so you don’t monopolize the floor. You’ll be effusive and bubbly all over the place.

6. Music: A short note about the power of music. Marianne Williamson once said that musicians are like priests as they put everyone in the room on the same heartbeat. Scientifically, it has been proven that levels of dopamine increase when people listen to music they enjoy. A real rush. Music can motivate you during a workout. Music is a trigger for more energy. More vitality.

Play with these tools, build them into your life and you’ll always have a consistent source of warm, vibrant energy to draw from. I can lead.