A letter to my 10yr. old self…still speaks to me today, for YOU, for every woman I know.

Dear You,

Do you realize you are the most amazingly beautiful soul?

Your spirit is so indomitable.

When you feel pushed down, reach inside & be true to what feels amazing.


Your body is not filled with enemies. You are so much more that what you see.

You don’e need to prove anything, you are enough.

A soul – it’s ok to be YOU and if that doesn’t impress anyone, let it be.


Feel what it is to do something for YOU.

Feel what it means to love yourself, your body, your mind, your spirit?

Free yourself of the need to impress others ’cause your purpose is about loving boundlessly.

Fearlessly living as a fireball of love and giving.


Hug your mama.  Speak easy and play. Sing and soak in the moments.

You are enough, beautifully enough.


Having money and prestige won’t make you worth more.  You were worth it the moment you were born.


The blessings coming to you are so rich, say “thank-you” now.


Love with your whole heart.

Sing at the top of your voice.

Listen to the inklings in your heart.

Wake up & kiss the mirror.

Bless your body with LOVE, she’s your vessel.


Crack open the protective shield around your heart.

Allow yourself to forgive.

Love fully….to love fully is a gift you give YOURSELF.


Love without thinking you can do better.

Love like running through a field with arms wide open.


Ask the angels to take care of you and listen to them when they speak.


Breathe deeply, savour JOY.

And when your heart beats wildly or when it feels like its expanding at the seams – stay with it and ride the wave.


Nobody’s judging you, you just feel your own judgements.  It’s time to let them go.

Breathe, love and be awesome,

cause sweetie, you’re here to live, flow & be.


love always,





What are your thoughts on this, dear?