BE the change you want to see in the world

Mia Lockhart

Hi there, beautiful women! I’m Mia Lockhart, founder of The Vibrant Women Project – bringing my message to the world:

Connecting Women back to their Feminine Energy so they can live Vibrant & Impactful Lives.

I’m also a mother, wife, entrepreneur, writer, yogi and sister  to the billions of women around the world.

My passion is helping women reclaim the sources of their greatest power and insight and sharing the wisdom of women throughout the ages ~ so we don’t lose touch, we only grow.

One of the most profound sources of our vibrancy is the very thing that we, as women, are taught to turn away from and ignore, the flows and fluctuations of feminine energy.


At The Vibrant Women Project, we’re creating a community of Vibrant Feminine Leaders by shifting the focus from success & progress measured only in masculine terms, to grasp the unique power of Feminine Expression, Compassion, Communication & Growth.  Masculine energy and ways of doing business and life is abundant, it’s time to balance that with the feminine energy – the result just means a shift to global harmony.

What are your thoughts on this, dear?