Aligning your heart, mind and gut taps you into your source of vital energy.

head-heart-gutThere are three minds in a body – brain, heart and gut. When they work together in harmony it produces a great body, powerful mind and a source of uninhibited energy.

Your three power centers need to be completely in tune to open your channel to the source of vibrant energy you were born with.  When we’re not open, and living our entire truth in any or all of these areas, our energy can be blocked off.  We can feel lethargic, depressed, pointless, like an “impostor” or purposeless.  Try a little experiment with yourself.  This is called muscle testing – Press your index and thumb together to test your strength.  Say “I am (your name)”, test your strength.  Now say “I am (someone else’s name)”, then test your strength.  You’ll most likely notice a decrease in your strength just in this mini “lie”.


You can imagine the loss of strength and energy you have in your body if you’re not living in your truth.  Maybe you’re in a career or relationship that really doesn’t feel right.  Or maybe you hate your job.  Or you’re not saying out loud what you’re really thinking but walking around on eggshells to try and keep everyone happy.  Wearing masks and numbing your feelings is blocking core energy.


This is a great time to look at your life right now.  Are you in the flow?  Are your thoughts, emotions and intuition all being listened to?  Maybe you’re telling yourself that everything’s fine but your stomach is in knots and your heart feels heavy.  What can you learn from this?


Meditation is a great way to tap in again, and listen to the THREE brains of the body.


Lack of energy, lethargy and depression are not something to be ignored or covered up with anti-depressants and caffeine but consider them as messengers of what’s really going on inside your body.