New Podcast! Are You Copper Toxic?

This in an in-depth conversation/interview style with Rick Fisher about the effects and symptoms of Copper Toxicity on women’s health and how you can get tested, and ultimately get rid of it!
Copper toxicity is a build-up of bio-unavailable copper in the body that gets stored primarily in the liver (initially) and then subsequently in the brain and other organs. As copper accumulates it initially gets stored in the liver, causing the main symptoms of brain fog and fatigue. At high levels of accumulation, however, the mind start racing and the adrenals may ‘burn out’. Following adrenal burnout copper levels then spike even further as ceruloplasmin production declines. Copper is now being deposited in the brain and other organs, and this, in turn, leads to neurotransmitter imbalances causing brain function and perception to become altered, and schizophrenia, paranoia, depression, anxiety, and pseudo-bipolar conditions can result.


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