Author: Mia

Mia Lockhart is founder of The Vibrant Women Project: A community for women finding more energy, more love and more joy in their lives. Mia is also a mother of four young children, happy wife, entrepreneur, yogi and sister to the billions of women around the world. Her passion is helping women reclaim the sources of their greatest power and insight and sharing the wisdom of women throughout the ages.

Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top!

Body Love, one of the simplest and probably most overlooked keys to happiness (especially for women).   Somewhere along the way we’ve stopped treating our bodies as our best friend and greatest asset and started treating them as our worst enemy and placement of our most cutting judgment.   Can we look in the mirror at our body and see… Read more →

Learning to trust your Intuition.

Trust your Intuition.  This is a key director in finding vibrancy from within.  When we’re not in tune with what our body is inherently telling us, we are losing valuable energy.  Our intuition is taking in not only what we see, but the other 99% of the energetic information around us that we don’t see, and constantly and consistently directing… Read more →

Vibrant from Within – my new blog theme.

I’ve been getting twinges to start a new journey, and a new focus, so I’ve brought it here to my blog.  I’m wanting to bring you along with me on a journey of uncovering and discovering how to live more fully and completely.  The phrase “Vibrant from Within” stood out, a new mission of which I definitely don’t feel qualified… Read more →

On the subject of hormone health…

Hormones! This seems to be my theme these days as I see so many women in their 30’s- 50’s dealing with burnt out adrenals or tired thyroid’s. Here are a few key questions to ask yourself if you’re feeling like your endocrine system is needing some care and attention but don’t know where to start: {thanks to Alisa Vitti from WomanCode}… Read more →

Something to ponder…just sit with this.

Gently consider how your past has influenced your present… Try not to get into blaming, regretting, grieving or any thought pattern that has a tendency to spiral. There’s no right or wrong answer – just an opportunity to sit with this for a bit. I’m still sitting with it. Read more →

Tips for Aligning your Life’s Purpose with your Career Path.

I’m definitely still in this space, of figuring out how to weave my deep desires with my daily work – here’s some help that has kept me going: First and always, listen to the gentle, loving, intuitive voice that whispers to your heart and inspires feelings of joy. Know that your purpose is your passion. And once you start to live your passion… Read more →