Author: mia

A letter to my 10yr. old self…still speaks to me today, for YOU, for every woman I know.

Dear You, Do you realize you are the most amazingly beautiful soul? Your spirit is so indomitable. When you feel pushed down, reach inside & be true to what feels amazing.   Your body is not filled with enemies. You are so much more that what you see. You don’e need to prove anything, you are enough. A soul – it’s… Read more →

The Epidemic of Exhausted Women.

“Life is exhausting!” This is what one of the moms on my women’s soccer team quietly mentioned while we huddled in a circle, ready for our 10pm game (a perfect time for all the mothers and busy executives on the team so it wouldn’t affect the schedule of anyone else in the family). The full day before the soccer game… Read more →