“Come on baby light my fire….”

As I was running today, this thought jumped out at me.

Our continual need to feel fired up. To find that inner sense of inspiration. To feel excited about what we’re doing, what we’re dreaming of, who we’re with and where we’re heading.

We desire to be lit up…because our fire gets dim fairly often.  Especially if we’re not near any fuel, oxygen or heat.

Fuel: Feeding ourselves with what our fire needs. Love, passion, action, getting rid of old stuff, ideas.

Oxygen: Air to breathe, space, exercise, nourishing food, healthy communication and relationships.

Heat: A little pressure is good…some timelines, goals, upcoming events, accountability partners.

So it came around back to me, especially when I’ve been feeling like my flames been pretty weak lately.  Like I need to start from the very beginning.

I need kindling and a match!!  {this is for emergency fire starter situations – perhaps more common in the doldrums of grey January days.}

Kindling: small steps, small practices like yoga, meditation, brainstorming, running, writing, reading and getting out and meeting new people.

and then….

a match!  a SPARK

what would that look like?

A cool new idea, some hardcore bravery to step out on a limb and say some things I’ve never been brave enough to say before.

I’m not exactly sure what my SPARK is going to be…but I’ve started today on the kindling.

Meditated with my holosync (realized how much I had been missing that), went for a run, cleaned my house, sat down and wrote this post, opened my night to a blank sheet of paper and a glass of wine.

I’d say that’s a start….

oh ya, and I’ve also got this lovely tune to punch up the atmosphere.

See you on the flip!

Mia xo