Dusting off the layers to your Vibrant, Shiny Soul.

I’ve always felt this process of becoming “Vibrant” again isn’t meant to take effort or be another “self help” project.

I see it as a dusting process.

We’re not searching for something new, or the fountain of youth.  The secret of lightening our load from the compression of life is in the surrendering, letting go, breathing deep and practicing the art of living from the inside out.

From our internal force instead of our external force.

A life of trusting.  A life of daring to show our true colours and playing on the playground.

It’s a RE-knowing, RE-awakening process….there’s nothing new under the sun.

No new knowledge or techniques but rather the RE-learning of everything we already know but have forgotten.

Dust is just the sediment and sediments of life that we’ve allowed to stick to us.  Clearing & cleaning these away comes with forgiving.

Can you forgive? Yourself, others, the past, what happened, what you’ve created until this moment?

OK, deep breath now.

What if that feather duster in your heart could just brush it off into the wind and you could float into your next moment shining?

There’s no promise that we won’t pick up more dust today.

But what if we KEPT that feather duster handy?  We practiced the art of the “swish & swipe” for the soul every morning?  The Hawaiians had a great way to do this… Ho’oponopono – just whisper this to “YOU” in the quietness.

I love you

I’m sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you.


Simple dusting.

Time to start shining that golden light you’ve been hiding from us.