Embrace your desire.

Love your desire!  Understand that your desire is what gets you out of bed every single day.

  • Desire to grow.

  • Desire to be bigger, or do something big.

  • Desire to develop who you are and how you live.

  • Desire for MORE: more love, more pleasure, more fulfillment of dreams.

  • Desire for a different kind of sexual experience — for a different technique, a different relationship style, something outside the heterosexual norm, to experiment with BDSM, etc.

  • Desire for better sex (whatever that means to you).

  • Desire for more intimacy.

  • Desire to change the world.

We have so many healthy desires in us but we are told we shouldn’t want — many religions and other social institutions teach that it is bad to want, and that women especially should be polite, stay quiet, not take up too much space, not ask for too much, and not be demanding or pushy. Declaring desire unapologetically can mean going against the grain, and so the pressure to fit in and “be normal” — or whatever we think “normal” means — is one thing that can cut us off from our own desire.