Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top!

every-inchBody Love, one of the simplest and probably most overlooked keys to happiness (especially for women).


Somewhere along the way we’ve stopped treating our bodies as our best friend and greatest asset and started treating them as our worst enemy and placement of our most cutting judgment.


Can we look in the mirror at our body and see beauty and amazingness, the kind we see when we look at babies, or perfectly imperfect nature?


All the influences around us in society have done their best to show us all the areas we need to change, and have taught us to think that if we accept ourselves as we are, we’ll slide backwards ’cause contentment = laziness and instead we should view our bodies as a “continuous improvement project”.


Now, I’m ALL about taking care of your body.  Eating, exercising, healing and resting in the most nourishing ways possible but that is NOT coming from a deep place of dis-contentment.  I seek to come from a place of loving and valuing my body. (and no….I am definitely not perfect at this at all…I’m very much just putting it out to you that this is something I ASPIRE to).


So, your exercise today?  I dare you to look into the mirror at that same face and body you see every day and say something you’d say to a dear friend or child.  Speak with love, gratitude and a deep inner smile…because…

“Every inch of you is perfect, from the bottom to the top”