feeling the blessing of resistance…

Feeling discomfort about something – is just resistance…

Are you accepting your reality the way it is or forcing it to be the way it isn’t.

Which area of your life needs more direction – which area needs more love?

Feeling the resistance is a blessing because that’s your sign of need, your sign of direction and the first place to make changes.

Here’s an exercise to try, it will help you address the mental blocks you’re dealing with right now.  Write down 5 areas of resistance you’re feeling right now.  Give them a score out of 10 (1= not really bothering me, but it’s there. 10 is I can’t eat, breath or sleep with this in my head!) Take notes, Now ask yourself…”What would it take to remove these blocks, break through and be free of them forever – then wait for an answer”.

It may not come right aways, may not even come today…but you’ve done all you can by asking and letting go.  Now just leave it be and the answer will come floating back to you.

If you’re needing some confirmation, acceptance or appreciation – guess what!… you can give that gift to yourself.  Funny hey? It’s very common for us to want the affirmation of love from everyone else yet we rarely consider that self-love and appreciation is the greatest gift we can give.

There are a ton of exercises to do for releasing resistance and to begin loving and accepting your authentic self, this is the perfect time try them out…<hint: start at this great article>


Just take the time to acknowledge which areas you’re feeling the most resistance, say “thank you for sharing and I love and appreciate myself just the way I am and everything is exactly as it is and that is perfect.  Thank you for the lesson, thank you for the reminder and I will journey on from here with a renewed purpose to let go of resistance and move into Flow*” 

Is there any where in your life that you’re putting a ton of energy and not seeing many results?  You’ll know instinctively if it’s time to change direction or not.  Tap in and know by how it feels – either you’re on the cusp of breakthrough and need all your energy on this project or you’re draining yourself.

– that’s the beauty of intuition.

So, just to review the deep meaning of this all: the blessing of resistance is it’s clarity.  This is your body giving you the message of a need, it’s a clear sign of direction and the first place to make changes.

What are your thoughts on this, dear?