“Are You Balanced between your Feminine and Masculine Energy?”

How balanced are you between your feminine and masculine energy?


Take this quick True or False quiz.


  1. _______ I know how to set healthy boundaries for myself and say “no” when I feel I have to.
  2. _______ I express my true emotions, desires and feelings with others. I am in touch with my emotions and it’s ok for me to cry.
  3. _______ I nurture my body-mind when it is tired or overwhelmed by slowing down, resting and engaging in activities that relax and re-energize me.
  4. _______ I make time to just Be myself without any agenda or need to accomplish. I know how to play and have fun, but also know when to work and get things done.
  5. _______ I know how to initiate a project and complete it.
  6. _______ I know that I am valuable, lovable and respectable. I hold myself in the highest regard. This self awareness allows me to do the same when I relate with others.
  7. _______ I care about others and seek balance and peace in our community, rather than only thinking about my own self and my own personal gains.
  8. _______ I live my soul’s purpose and I focus on achieving my personal goals instead of focusing on what others need to change about themselves.
  9. _______ I nurture myself and know how to be compassionate towards myself and others.


If you answered true to most of these, then you are balanced between your male and female qualities. If you answered false to more than half of these statements then you may greatly benefit from embodying the above mentioned qualities into your daily life.

How balanced are you? What do you do to balance and feel more whole?

What are your thoughts on this, dear?