I’m finally learning that yoga isn’t just about looking good in your leggings and holding that pose…

I’ve been submerged into the Yoga world lately (totally voluntarily!) as I’ve started teacher training and I’m starting to peel back a couple of the layers of the whole yoga lifestyle.  I’ll be honest when I admit I came to yoga through fitness about 8 years ago – it was a workout trend I thought looked cool and the power classes I attended were 90 mins. of sheer burn that did wonders for my arms and core strength.  Alas, I’ve stuck with yoga, through some major indulgences (ie: months of daily classes in Costa Rica & Vancouver while on vacation) and then 3-month stretches with not a single pose. Amongst the journey, I’ve tasted the essence of teachers and types but never delved further than the asanas (movements) & mini-mediations.


Now, I’m still a yoga-newbie,  but my first assignment in my YTT was to delve into the “8 Limbs of Yoga” of which Asanas (the classes/poses etc) is only 1.  The first area to study is the Yama’s and Niyama’s.  These are like the moral codes and lifestyle guidelines for yogis.  There’s 5 Yama’s & 5 Niyama’s and they hold a lot of common sense just portrayed in a new language.  We were asked to personally reflect on each of these, and share how we practice them in our lives.


So here’s my personal take on how I live the Yama’s and Niyama’s in my life.


Yama #1 ~ AHIMSA (non-violence & unconditional love)


Yama #2 ~ SATYA (truthfulness)


YAMA #3 ~ ASTAYA (non-stealing/moderation)


YAMA #4 ~ BRAHMACHARYA (faithfulness…and celibacy?)


YAMA #5 ~ APARIGRAHA (noncovetousness)



NIYAMA #1 ~ SHAUCH (keep your body & mind clean)


NIYAMA #2~ SANTOSH (do your best & be happy with it)


NIYAMA #3 ~ TAPA (be willing to sacrifice to achieve your goals)