Inner Power

Oh, to be driven

by a voice

By a fountain

rather than a fire

By calm, steady rolling waves

than  by a searing sword

By deep belief and love

No cutting and cursing

A courageous walk forward

rather than fighting

Angers’ venom is no match

for the inner power

of a soul at peace

~ Mia  (written in Ireland, summer 2014)

A little background on this poem…it came to me after really SEEING something that’s been in me for a long time but I’ve never really understood it all all.  My whole life I’ve definitely had a driving force of passion in regards to women and men being treated equally.  From the very trivial areas of girls being treated differently than boys in North American life to reading and witnessing some of the tragic and outrageous ways women are oppressed all over the world. I’ve continually felt the desire to stand up, speak out and create change…. to empower women as well as be strong myself.  The realization I came to at the retreat in Ireland, was in understanding that I was often coming from a place of anger.  As ugly as that sounds, and as hard as that is for me to admit it, it’s the truth.

The lesson I learned was that the anger was not serving me – even though it brought out a lot of passion and fire.  Ultimately,

my desire to help, change and empower cannot really be served by anger but to be truly helpful, I must come from a deeper source. A voice, an open heart, a whole person seeing the whole picture.

I don’t know how this all will evolve, or how just seeing this will change everything for me over the course of my life although I will say that I do seem to have a deeper sense of peace walking around in this world now.  It took a lot of courage for me to acknowledge that anger, something we all don’t want to admit we have…but in doing so I think it released some it’s hold on me, for that I am eternally thankful.

This painting evolved from my poem as well, a visual reminder to always take the time to consider what is propelling my actions – is it love? a voice? or a reaction of anger? or fear?


Oh to be driven by a voice...

Oh to be driven by a voice…