Is multi-passionate a niche?

Just listed the 27 businesses I’ve launched on my own initiative in the past 18 years and pondering what that means….

Start-up junkie?


Unsatisfied hustler….

It’s one thing to always be launching, it’s another to stick with an idea, build it, believe in it and watch in grow – over 5 years (that’s what most businesses take).

Or what about the theory of “Fail Fast”.

I’m definitely the personality that if you tell me your business idea and show and inkling of desire to start it in the morning, I’ll have your website up by 3pm and a prototype that night.


On the other hand, if there’s no traction in 2 weeks, I’ll drop it without batting an eye.


When it comes right down to it, the real test for me will be to find something that I love, that stays new and I can keep creating and inventing often yet back it up with persistence and patience.