Learning to trust your Intuition.

Trust your Intuition.  This is a key director in finding vibrancy from within.  When we’re not in tune with what our body is inherently telling us, we are losing valuable energy.  Our intuition is taking in not only what we see, but the other 99% of the energetic information around us that we don’t see, and constantly and consistently directing us to go in the way of the most positive energy.  Our life force wants to send us where there is the most possible flow of positive energy.

When we ignore intuition, we’re choosing paths that aren’t feeding us the maximum possible energy – we may even be choosing paths that DRAIN us. Why do we? Because our brain only reasons with our past knowledge, social knowledge and what we see which is infinitesimally small compared to all that is going on.

Leaving that comfortable, “sure” place and heading into the “wilderness of our intuition” seems far fetched and almost sacrilegious.

But in doing so, in really FEELING your answer instead of DECIDING – your next steps will be infused with positive energy, instead of knowledge.