Musings while paddle boarding with my daughters

I’ve dreamed of a day like this for a long time.  Combining my love of paddle boarding, and connecting with my daughters out on the ocean, no agenda just pure blue ocean, a board and a paddle to take us on a little journey.

When you’re out on the water, paddling your own board and soaking up nature you stop worrying about how you look, and you start to feel gratitude for your body and the places it can take you. 

Learning to love what our bodies can do for us, where it can take us.  Feeling our strength, connecting and balancing our core.  Opening discussions on what they love and what they love doing and where they want to go.  Away from mirrors and pressure.

Out on the water, you can open discussions on your truths, what you love and what you love doing and where you want to go.  Away from mirrors and pressure.

It’s kinda the opposite of #THINSPIRATION

We get in a different frame of mind when we’re on the water.  When we’re away from electronics, from influencers from life’s stresses.  It’s you, your board, the water, and space.

Conversations sitting on a board, on the water tend to not dwell on the negative… They tend to be filled with gratitude and creativity, 2 of the best vitamins for our souls.

What are your 5 best days, how can you align your life more with your values?  Add more goosebump moments, more empowering feelings, more connections, more moments that will soak into your bones and build you up?

What questions in your mind, can you answer without having to look it up on Google?  Without looking in the mirror? Without looking to someone else?  It almost seems awkward to really trust yourself – it’s a muscle that needs to be worked out.

The “trusting myself” muscle.

You know how you work it out?  But do it.  Maybe it’s small at first.  Like heading out on a paddle board, then kneeling, paddling, and then…maybe you can stand up.  Yes, it’s a muscle to work out and when you continually lean into that slight discomfort and overcome it, you build that muscle.

Every day, take a challenge to build your “trusting myself muscle”.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?  This is an amazing journalling technique I learned from Debbie Millman.  On a quiet morning, grab a journal, close your eyes and envision a day in your life in 10 years (if you’re under 25, or 5 years if you’re older).  Let your mind wander and dream.  Write down your day in details, from the sheets you sleep on, the kitchen you walk into, the people around you, the work you’re doing and the thoughts, clothes, places, feelings you’re feeling.

Review it every year.  Look at your horizon.  You may just get what you want.

Balance comes from sure footing and soft knees.  That’s it.  Stand firm yet be soft and flexible to the waves that come your way.

Oh, and don’t be afraid to fall, it’s water, and you can swim.

Teen girls are so full of ideas, adventures and incredible energy – if you can just let them escape the pressures of their outside world, their peers and the hormone bath that their brain is swimming in.

Digital detoxes are more important now than ever before.

How can you take a dream and make it a reality?  How can you connect to the people, places, and feelings that you desire?

Because you deserve to dive in, to live your truths, feel connected, play, dream and paddle your own journey.