My 17-yr-old daughter wrote this poem for me on Mothers Day, my heart melted.

*Moms, this is the stuff that matters to them. Just be there, and be yourself. ?



I love you

You just make things so much freakin’ damn better

When things are down

you are always there

You allow me to feel shitty

And then right after

I don’t even have to force a smile

You do random dance moves

And say random things that don’t make any sense

And it may annoy me

But that’s what I love about you

You don’t care

And you keep bing your




Intelligent self

No matter what

You set your mind to something

and you do it

You get out and try shit

If you wanna run a marathon

You will run it

You challenge yourself every day

And try so many things

You take yourself on wild adventures

and have such a curious mind

You love to learn new things

You have a heart of gold

And are so capable

Of helping anyone out

Your hugs make me feel at home

Your smile makes me feel safe

Your presence makes me

Relaxed and just all fuzzy inside

You are the best mom ever

I wouldn’t trade you for anything at all

I mean it from the bottom of my heart

I can’t wait to go on many more adventures with you

And she a few more tears and smile

While singing or watching a musical

Or two

Oh momma mia

I really really love you

~ Jasmine Lockhart (age 17)

And yes, she gave me permission to post this poem ?