My P90X go-to – I still use these workout videos after 4 years…

It surprises me that I still use the P90x workouts even after 4 years – I know exactly what Tony is going to say and you’d think I’d be bored of them….but I’m not because I get a great workout every time.  Talk about a workout program that pushes you, creates change and saves time.

A home workout to me is like money in the bank – faster, cheaper and flexible which is perfect for my lifestyle.  When I can give 50 minutes and get an extremely great workout in, rather than taking 1.5-2 hours out of my day for the same results by going to the gym, changing, doing a class, chatting, waiting, changing and going home.

So yes, here I am, sticking with a program that worked the first 90 days but still pays off again and again – that’s why I keep recommending it.  Cool part is if you’re interested, I’m running a new challenge every month with a group of people doing the program – check it out here: P90X Challenge Group Coaching

Here’s my results, I keep going back to this video to see where I was – and I don’t want to back track, so it’s my motivation to keep going, keep moving, and stay “in-the-zone” of keeping fit and energized.