soul food for women

Get clear on what drives you and brings you meaning. Give yourself permission to do the things that feed your soul. 5 minutes of mindfulness, is better than no minutes. What gifts will you receive when you fully surrender? Shine your light. Share your light. Create light together. Feeding your soul, feeds the world. Gift yourself the Joy of Savouring.… Read more →

Interview with Dr. Angele Besner

The One Thing Every Woman Should Be Doing To Balance Their Hormones.

I was so honored and excited to have the opportunity to record my first interview with such a sweet, knowledgeable and insightful guest.  Dr. Angele Besner, ND in Vancouver, BC shares insights into how she helps women in her practice with hormone balancing, especially with symptoms of menopause. You may be surprised the number 1 thing she recommends! We delve… Read more →

Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom ~An Instagram Book Experience

Dr. Christiane Northrup’s book sits on my night stand. It’s my reference book, my comfort and my inspiration.  I wanted to share it with you visually in a way that brought out all the bits that stand out to me, but more as a long-winded recommendation to go get the book for yourself! Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom (Revised Edition): Creating Physical and… Read more →

My Big Dream for Women around the World

International Women’s Day is close to my heart, ever since travelling through Bangledesh at age 12, reading Half the Sky and meeting so many amazing, empowered women in my life, I’m sharing some thoughts from an older video I made a few years ago that I’ve actually never been brave enough to share, that reflects the truths I still hold… Read more →

Are you Copper Toxic?

First, I’ll answer the question that just popped into your brain: WHAT IS COPPER TOXICITY? Copper toxicity is a build-up of bio-unavailable copper in the body that gets stored primarily in the liver (initially) and then subsequently in the brain and other organs. As copper accumulates it initially gets stored in the liver, causing the main symptoms of brain fog and… Read more →

10 Hip Opening Yoga Poses to Open Your Sacral Chakra

When we open our hips we restore our reproductive organs, which at a base level represent the original creative force driving existence. Through creating balance in these chakras we can become grounded, comfortable within our own identity, and inherently creative. By physically rooting our pelvic floor and the base of our spine into the Earth, we plug ourselves into the… Read more →

Is multi-passionate a niche?

Just listed the 27 businesses I’ve launched on my own initiative in the past 18 years and pondering what that means…. Start-up junkie? or Unsatisfied hustler…. It’s one thing to always be launching, it’s another to stick with an idea, build it, believe in it and watch in grow – over 5 years (that’s what most businesses take). Or what… Read more →