Is Your Sacral Chakra Healthy?

Someone with a healthy second chakra will usually be energetic and eager for life; enjoy their sexuality without having it rule them; have a form of creative expression; enjoy art, beauty, and sensory experience; be able to experience joy; experience their emotions without (generally) being overwhelmed by them; be able to be spontaneous and play; be open to change; and… Read more →

The Epidemic of Exhausted Women

“Life is exhausting!” This is what one of the moms on my women’s soccer team quietly mentioned while we huddled in a circle, ready for our 10pm game (a perfect time for all the mothers and busy executives on the team so it wouldn’t affect the schedule of anyone else in the family). The full day before the soccer game… Read more →

The best days of your month to do a Sales Video, Presentation or Ask for a Raise…

Why not use the magic of hormones, pheromones and natural magnetism to your advantage. If part of your work includes selling or marketing (which everyone’s does in some form or another…we all have to sell ourselves, our ideas, our abilities) to gain the trust and support of our clients, co-workers, bosses, financial backers etc. then if you’re a woman with… Read more →

Dusting off the layers to your Vibrant, Shiny Soul.

I’ve always felt this process of becoming “Vibrant” again isn’t meant to take effort or be another “self help” project. I see it as a dusting process. We’re not searching for something new, or the fountain of youth.  The secret of lightening our load from the compression of life is in the surrendering, letting go, breathing deep and practicing the… Read more →

Cozy socks and warm feet on a cold, grey, wintery day.

When it’s cold your body automatically draws blood away from the extremities to keep your core and internal organs warm. When the temperature drops we all need a bit of extra help to keep hands and feet warm.  Today’s definitely one of those days…grey, snowy and cold and I’m in the mood to get cozy. Decided to just give you… Read more →

Aligning your heart, mind and gut taps you into your source of vital energy.

There are three minds in a body – brain, heart and gut. When they work together in harmony it produces a great body, powerful mind and a source of uninhibited energy. Your three power centers need to be completely in tune to open your channel to the source of vibrant energy you were born with.  When we’re not open, and living our entire… Read more →

I’m finally learning that yoga isn’t just about looking good in your leggings and holding that pose…

I’ve been submerged into the Yoga world lately (totally voluntarily!) as I’ve started teacher training and I’m starting to peel back a couple of the layers of the whole yoga lifestyle.  I’ll be honest when I admit I came to yoga through fitness about 8 years ago – it was a workout trend I thought looked cool and the power… Read more →