Sharing my 21-Day Detox (Beachbody Ultimate Reset) Results

21 days is really just a drop in the bucket.  3 weeks in a lifetime?  Getting sick and feeling crappy can steal a lot more time – I guarantee 😉

It always feels so great to finish something challenging and I must say that changing eating habits (especially restricting ourselves from foods we crave) can be extremely hard! No wonder diets for most people DON’T WORK!

Creating eating plans that DO work, in my opinion, are Lifestyle, Nutrition & Love based. Eating foods that fit your lifestyle, are full of nutrition and that make you smile is the kind of eating plan I believe lasts and creates vibrant health.
As I reflect on my posts in the Ultimate Reset Rockstars facebook support group I’m reminded again my “Why” for doing it – I really wanted a “Fresh Internal Picture” and also wanted to get rid of a nasty Perioral Dermatitis rash around my mouth – oh ya, and to stop drinking 3-4 cups of coffee every day, which was making my body quite acidic.
Well – mission accomplished – you can see my video of results here!!
Now you ask – Why do a cleanse??
Actually, people do ask my why I did it as I think there’s a misconception that cleanses are only for losing weight – but that’s far from the truth. Cleanses are such an integral part of health – and just like we take showers to cleanse our outer bodies…cleanses are an INNER SHOWER – helping clean out our internal body, give our hard-working digestive systems a little break and scrub up and clean up all the hard working parts.
I could blab on and on about cleanses and why you need them but really, if you want to learn more, there’s a TON of information about this cleanse AND Why we NEED to cleanse even more than ever at the Ultimate Reset Site – Take some time to get educated, inspired and see if this is something you feel an urge in your gut to do.