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Musings while paddle boarding with my daughters

I’ve dreamed of a day like this for a long time.  Combining my love of paddle boarding, and connecting with my daughters out on the ocean, no agenda just pure blue ocean, a board and a paddle to take us on a little journey. When you’re out on the water, paddling your own board and soaking up nature you stop… Read more →

Coming out of the anorexia closet, 25 years later.

originally posted on my account on Medium. Today I’m thinking about 13-year old anorexic Mia. That’s right, I haven’t thought much about her, maybe because I associate so much with being a strong and healthy momma now, I’m embarrassed by the fact that I was once so immersed in a battle with myself and my body. It’s been 25 years,… Read more →

Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top!

Body Love, one of the simplest and probably most overlooked keys to happiness (especially for women).   Somewhere along the way we’ve stopped treating our bodies as our best friend and greatest asset and started treating them as our worst enemy and placement of our most cutting judgment.   Can we look in the mirror at our body and see… Read more →