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shame surrounding menstrual cycles

Menstrual cycles have kept “women in their place” for far too long…

Love your cycle –> shift the shame surrounding it —> heal your body —> change the world. Dr. Christiane Northrup spends a lot of time in her book “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom” describing the negative impact of social opinions and negative thought patterns about the menstrual cycle causing a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering each month {i.e.: PMS}.  “If… Read more →

True or false?

Women’s cycles will often sync when they work or live close together. Women’s periods correspond with phases of the moon, according to anecdote. Both are true. It’s called the menstrual synchrony phenomenon:  Menstrual synchrony is a phenomenon in which menstrual cycle onsets (i.e., the onset of menstruation or menses) become closer together in time than they were at an earlier time. “For example, the distribution of onsets… Read more →

How do you celebrate your daughter getting her first period?

This thought has been on my mind lately as I have 2 daughters reaching menstruation age…and I really feel the introduction is really important. Not knowing what to do exactly as I was basically shown the tampon and pads box under the sink by my sister (my mother didn’t even chat with me about it at all) and that was… Read more →