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My 17-yr-old daughter wrote this poem for me on Mothers Day, my heart melted.

*Moms, this is the stuff that matters to them. Just be there, and be yourself. ? ___________________________________________________________________ Mom I love you You just make things so much freakin’ damn better When things are down you are always there You allow me to feel shitty And then right after I don’t even have to force a smile You do random dance… Read more →

talking to your daughter about sex

How to Talk to Your Teenage Daughter about Sex

Ask any parent of a teenager, especially teen girls and 9 times out of 10, they haven’t talked to their girls about sex even though they know their daughters are around sex, being influenced and maybe in a potential situation to have it. It’s a sensitive topic that is mostly avoided due to the conundrum – fear of encouraging and… Read more →

How do you celebrate your daughter getting her first period?

This thought has been on my mind lately as I have 2 daughters reaching menstruation age…and I really feel the introduction is really important. Not knowing what to do exactly as I was basically shown the tampon and pads box under the sink by my sister (my mother didn’t even chat with me about it at all) and that was… Read more →