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Our period provides a “monthly update” about hormonal, reproductive, thyroid, metabolic, and bone health.

First and foremost, regular periods signify that your body is ready to become pregnant! But besides reproduction, your menstrual cycle rhythms reflect balance in other systems and functions. This is because every month your periods are the result of a coordinated conversation between your brain and your ovaries. Two of the brain regions that direct this conversation — the hypothalamus… Read more →

Your Period is actually a Free Life Coach?

Nature has given women a definite advantage in understanding what’s going on in their bodies with our menstrual cycle.  It hit me today that it’s much like having a free life coach…. what?  Yes – when you look at it this way, the “annoyance” of our menstrual cycle can actually become an awareness asset that I bet men would love… Read more →

How do you celebrate your daughter getting her first period?

This thought has been on my mind lately as I have 2 daughters reaching menstruation age…and I really feel the introduction is really important. Not knowing what to do exactly as I was basically shown the tampon and pads box under the sink by my sister (my mother didn’t even chat with me about it at all) and that was… Read more →