New Podcast! What would you tell your teenage self about love, sex and relationships? An intimate conversation with Kelsey Grant

Recently I had the privilege to sit down with Relationship Expert and Love Coach, Kelsey Grant for the amazing conversation about relationships, self-love and sexuality, especially in the context of how our teen years affect us and she shared some really powerful gems that are helpful for women in every stage of life.

Don’t you just love when conversation flows, hearts open and you can feel that what’s being shared is not only helping the people in the room but the ripple effect will help so many more.

Kelsey’s wisdom and sisterhood approach to creating community and supporting massive shifts is palpable in every essence of her being.

Here are some of the gems we talked about in our interview that I’m sure will spark some insights and questions regarding your own beliefs!

  • Women are connectors of the universe


  • From a young age, we begin adapting to what’s popular rather than learning who we are.


  • How often do we sell out for approval – we learn that young!


  • Fear based sex ed vs. all the desires you actually have = the disconnect creates tension.  From that tension, teens act out of emotions and hormones, not making decisions that are educated and respectful to themselves.


  • Giving the girls the power to say “Yes” and the power to say “No”.


  • Some moms worry about encouraging pleasure- and that’s about their own journey.


  • Being receptive to pleasure is a practice.


  • Teens spend a lot of time in shame and guilt.


  • When parenting, ask yourself – What do I wish someone had told me at that age?


  • Teenage girls need to channel and understand how to use their sexual energy.


  •  Understand what it activates in men.  Take responsibility for it and it’s effect.  Where it turns from fun and playful, to attracting “creepy” results.


  • The parenting rule regarding sex “Don’t do it”, when it competes with hormones and emotions, there is an automatic fight against it.


  • Swallowing up your anger is one of the worst poisons to a relationship.


  • A conversation regarding competition & care between.  Letting go of the belief of “Women can’t be trusted”  allows us to open to the value of sisterhood.


  • Let’s teach teens the value of intimacy, the practices of intimacy.  Building intimate friendships, relationships.


  • Intimacy even in eating – means being completely present, embrace.


  • If we want to get girls out of the toxic gossip & backstabbing environments, we need to teach intimacy & open-hearted conversation.


  • Appreciation for others starts with the appreciation of yourself.


  • It’s not really about sex, it’s about loving yourself, loving each other, learning about the experience.


  • Teens need mentors to talk about the mechanics – it’s not best to talk to peers or parents.

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The One Thing Every Woman Should Be Doing To Balance Their Hormones.

I was so honored and excited to have the opportunity to record my first interview with such a sweet, knowledgeable and insightful guest.  Dr. Angele Besner, ND in Vancouver, BC shares insights into how she helps women in her practice with hormone balancing, especially with symptoms of menopause. You may be surprised the number 1 thing she recommends! We delve into topics of stress, life, transformation during menopause, thyroid and adrenal health as well as what exactly causes menopausal hot flashes and how they are affected by what we do in our 20’s and 30’s. Such an honest and open conversation about topics so important to women and every age.

Here’s a summary of what we talked about!


2:30 – Reclaim what it means to be feminine.  You can be feminine AND powerful.

3:00 – Menopause is the prime time for transformation.

4:25 – The Shift from the motherly, nurturing role to self-actualization (Guilt = Struggle)

7:00 – Women need to get clear on what drives you and what brings you meaning.

8:03 – The power of Mindfulness

9:10 – Adrenal Health: Effects of physical, psychological and emotional stress

9:20 – Thyroid Health: Lifestyle, symptoms and tests available.

9:45 – Lifestyle changes: what we eat, how much we sleep.  Big recommendation – GET OUTSIDE during the day = natural sleep cycle!

12:05 – What about Coffee & Wine??

13:00 – What can we do in our 20’s & 30’s

14:40 – What would you tell women in their 20’s & 30’s to take care when they feel invincible?

16:45 – Permission to slow down… “But I’ve never had a problem with that before!”

18:30 – 5 minutes of Mindfulness is better than no minutes

18:55 – Does mindfulness help with hormone balancing?

20:00 – What are the signs of Adrenal fatigue?

23:00 – Juice fasts?

26:00 – BioIdentical hormones for hot flashes.

26:45 – The drop in progesterones, estrogen spikes and lows, blood vessels at skin surface & erratic estrogen = hot flashes!

27:45 – How does Adrenal Fatigue affect hot flashes?

29:00 – An amazing story about a woman who made life changes and completely changed her menopause symptoms as well as totally increased energy levels and joy!


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Please share any insights or thoughts, I’d love to hear from you!