The best days of your month to do a Sales Video, Presentation or Ask for a Raise…

Why not use the magic of hormones, pheromones and natural magnetism to your advantage.

If part of your work includes selling or marketing (which everyone’s does in some form or another…we all have to sell ourselves, our ideas, our abilities) to gain the trust and support of our clients, co-workers, bosses, financial backers etc. then if you’re a woman with a menstrual cycle, you have an advantage.

Here’s the deal.  Days 18, 19 & 20 of your cycle are your prime days to shine.  Can you plan for that?  To figure out what day you’re on, just go to the iPeriod app, put in your last period start date…and it will tell you!

Why?  Your levels of progesterone and estrogen are balanced during these days so you’re not only naturally attractive to others but also very communicative and connecting.

*I added this picture of Sally Hogshead because she does an amazing job presenting herself...doesn't she? Gotta check out her yummy tools to using your unique gifts as well.

*I added this picture of Sally Hogshead because she does an amazing job presenting herself…doesn’t she? Gotta check out her yummy tools to using your unique gifts as well.

 More details on What You’re Primed For These Days. 

{you can download a complete guide of your entire month, a day by day planner here}

Day #18:


Get out there. You’re in your prime for networking, communicating your strengths and shining in the spotlight. This is the prime time for asking for a raise, doing a presentation, running a workshop or anything of that nature. You can read the people you’re speaking to and communicate effectively. It’s as if you have the power of persuasion, the charisma of authentic passion and the gumption to do anything.

On your calendars always put a star on this day and every day from the 18th to the 20th day of your cycle in the next few months so you can take advantage of them with your planning. Planning events, presentations and even just meetings on this day are going to completely astound you with the results. Basically, you’re optimized to succeed; use this to your advantage.


Get out there and do something social. You’re primed to bond and connect. This is going to increase your health tremendously. Plan a buddy workout; go to a class at a local gym/yoga center or other place to get fit.

Contact someone you know who needs a chat. They’re popping in your mind for a reason, and you’re a connection genius this week. Every time you reach out and talk/connect with others, you’ll feel blessed with more energy, more love and a deeper sense of life. Connection and contribution are your medicine right now; use them.


List outlets to reach your goals. Identify three people/businesses/organizations that could help you to achieve your goal right now. Write them down.

Think up a strategy for making first contact. Can you build your contact in stages? What form would they most likely respond to? What would hook them into being interested? What do you offer that would make them help you? How can you stand out? Take the first step toward contacting them today.

Let go of your fear. The first step is the hardest, but once you’re out there, things start falling into place.


Network, network, network. It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know, and this is the prime time to put yourself out there. You’re a connection machine, and your hormones and mindset are primed for meeting and connecting. You’re going to stand out in a crowd. When you meet the right person, sparks will fly, and the magic’s going to happen. But that’s only going to happen if you get out there.

Search local organizations you can join, find experts online who you could reach out to, carry business cards and go to conferences and events associated with your work. Think of yourself as a magnet ready to attract exactly what you need. Good luck with that.


It’s time to connect with your loved ones. If there are deep conversations you need to have or even “hard” subjects you need to uncover with those closest to you, now is the time to speak. You’re going to have the right amount of clarity, compassion and understanding to really benefit from communicating. Your relationships will get to the next level by doing this. Don’t be afraid, just start with the intention of drawing closer, creating clearer bonds and opening your heart to listen.

Thank your body today for its ability to deepen your relationships and create deeper intimacy and communication. This doesn’t just have to do with your romantic relationships; it can do with any relationship in your life.

You’ll know who you need to talk to; it’s the perfect time.

Day #19:


You’re presenting the best version of yourself. It’s time for job interviews, presentations, writing your resume, creating webinars, running seminars, cold-calling potential partners, anything that requires you to put yourself in front of others and might require a little extra gumption to do it. You’re in the prime to portray the best possible you.


Help others. Do you have specific feelings about how you can help others?  Maybe there’s some health advice you need to give but haven’t felt it was your place to say anything. Well, now it is. Helping others helps you.

Present the information with the compassion that’s flowing through you. Encouraging health in the ones you love and sharing motivation create changes that have a ripple effect. Don’t be shy; even if you don’t feel qualified to give any advice, you can do it.


Define your dream in three sentences. I know it’s hard, but this definition will help you clearly present yourself. Depending on how confident you feel, test it out on a family member, a friend or a colleague. Every time you say it out loud, you’ll learn more how it affects you physically. When your dreams become part of your physicality, you’re in tune with their frequency. The chances of them becoming reality increase exponentially.


This is your time to sell your ideas. Schedule this time of the month to present, persuade and teach. This is the prime time of the month to do these things. Every time you present your idea, persuade someone about your point of view or teach someone new information, you not only clarify what you have in mind for yourself, but you also do it meaningfully for others.

Maybe you need buyers, financing, customers or colleagues, well, it’s time to get in front of them. Figure out who really needs to know about your idea to (a) give you the recognition you deserve for it and (b) take action on it. With your natural charisma at this time, no one is too high to reach.


Express your vision of your ideal relationship. Draw it, create a web diagram of it or just sit down with your partner and discuss your picture of what love looks like for you.

Often, we’re in relationships living out the same patterns as our parents rather that really envisioning and creating a relationship that supports us. Ultimately, we need a relationship that helps us to become a better person. Long-term relationships teach us about ourselves, and it’s one of the only ways we grow up.

Creating a relationship of your dreams requires a vision; it doesn’t just happen. Today, map it out. Picture it or look at the picture held over from your past. It’s time to become a creator of the relationships you dream of.

Day #20:


Get ready for your pre-period phase, whatever that may mean to you. For many women, to put it bluntly, it’s time to get ready to be a creative, no-nonsense bitch. Now, knowing this is worth its weight in gold. Not only can you give a heads-up to the people around you, but you can also mentally prepare yourself for intensity.

You’re still emotionally connected, just take note that you’re coming into your time to shine creatively, and that might mean you won’t be shining as a poster child of kindness and compassion. (Consider artists in their creative spaces. We leave them alone because what they’re creating is magic.) Treat yourself with that same type of respect.


Plan to nourish your body. What you eat has a huge effect on your brain function, so it’s time to feed your brain and body with the best foods possible. As you head into the PMS zone, meaning your remarkable creative phase, commit to less sugar, caffeine and alcohol, all things that hit you harder than any other time of the month. Eat more veggies and protein. That’s simple, really, if you find some good “craving fillers” to have on hand like salty popcorn, whole grain toast, deep dark chocolate and herbal teas with yummy flavors. See these as your survival kit, ready whenever cravings or feelings of frustration arise. Eat to nourish, and you will flourish.


Create a map of what needs working on. You’re going into the focus and get rid of junk stages so why not set up three piles of specific areas that need attention. Writing a business plan? A book? Started a project and it’s just sitting there? It’s time to put them front and center.

Set up all the things you started toward reaching your goals and dreams into a “Needs Specific Work” section of your desk. Don’t be too attached to what you’ve done, just be ready to get inspired to add, subtract, multiply and divide. When it comes to goals and dreams, words without action are nothing. It’s time for the action bugs to come and take specific steps.


Allow your intense self to get you what you want. Clear the decks for accomplishing the steps. Anything like finishing taxes, filling out applications, setting up websites/mailing lists/ data management are the perfect tasks for your creative phase so sign up, set up, get the forms and prep for all the micro-steps that need to get done to get you on your way.

If you’re specific about what needs to be done and you have it laid out and ready, instead of feeling frustrated you’re going to tick things off the list. The key is having everything at your fingertips. Today, you’re the set-up assistant; tomorrow, you’re the boss.


Open up to loved ones. Take a minute to just openly say to those closest to you that in the next week you might not have the patience and compassion you normally have. Let any romantic partners know you’ve got a lot of passion but no patience so let’s make the most of it. This is not the best time for romantic dinners; it’s better for rock concerts, quickies, fantasies and so on. Just giving out these ideas is going to create a blanket of enthusiasm and understanding rather than “fear and loathing” of your PMS week.

Some women aren’t really into talking about it with their partners, but they use a color system. One woman puts a purple magnet on the fridge for this time and tells her kids “this is mom’s purple time. That means she needs a little more space” and her husband’s “purple week equals more passion, less patience,” and you’ll be surprised how much easier it makes your week just letting them know.