Tips for Aligning your Life’s Purpose with your Career Path.

I’m definitely still in this space, of figuring out how to weave my deep desires with my daily work – here’s some help that has kept me going:

  1. First and always, listen to the gentle, loving, intuitive voice that whispers to your heart and inspires feelings of joy.
  2. Know that your purpose is your passion. And once you start to live your passion {DO-ing what creates energy within you}, everything else begins to weave into place.
  3. Allow your heart to do what comes naturally, even if it is only during your spare time, begin now. It’s never too late!
  4. Abundance flows as love flows and the money will come. When you TRUST you will be taken care of, then you will be.
  5. Concentrate on taking just one small step at a time as it is placed in front of you, for one step at a time is all it takes.
  6. Take deep breaths and breathe – remember that you had the courage to come into this world and your presence makes a difference!
  7. Remember that each tiny step has a HUGE impact on your life; that’s because each step brings you closer to your next destination and teaches you what you need to learn, in order to complete the next.
  8. Trust you will not be given more than you can handle. You are never alone in your endeavours, your soul/angels/universe always has your back. When you know this… you can move forward fearlessly.
  9. Allow ALL that no longer serves you, weighs you down or is not in alignment with your soul’s purpose …to be released.
  10. Believe in your soul’s dream’s by becoming your own best friend, life coach and number one super-fan!