Use your Period to Your Advantage ?!?

Find out what your body is optimized for every day of your menstrual cycle. If you follow your cycle you’re going to have more energy, attract more love & closer relationships, less PMS, less frustration and less long term health risks!

This is all part of The Vibrant Women Project~ Connecting Women back to their Feminine Energy so they can live Vibrant & Impactful Lives.
I’m also a mother, wife, coach, teacher, and sister to the billions of women around the world. My passion is helping women reclaim the sources of their greatest power and insight and sharing the wisdom of women throughout the ages ~ so we don’t lose touch, we only grow.
One of the most profound sources of our vibrancy is the very thing that we, as women, are taught to turn away from and ignore, the flows and fluctuations of feminine energy.


What are your thoughts on this, dear?