Vibrant from Within – my new blog theme.

I’ve been getting twinges to start a new journey, and a new focus, so I’ve brought it here to my blog.  I’m wanting to bring you along with me on a journey of uncovering and discovering how to live more fully and completely.  The phrase “Vibrant from Within” stood out, a new mission of which I definitely don’t feel qualified to preach about but rather feel courageous enough to discuss, search, experiment and play with because it does sound pretty darn good.


So it starts today…


What would it mean to be a “Vibrant from Within”?


You might describe it as: the effervescent joy that makes you want to kiss strangers, sing an aria, dance in the crosswalk at rush hour. Sometimes these surges of energy are the direct result of external events — a big promotion, a great workout, a fabulous first date or a marvelous hug from your child. More often, happiness floods in unexpectedly, and we chalk it up to that mysterious force known as a good mood.


Perhaps you haven’t felt much of this lately?


What if this bubbly, pure sensation isn’t completely random and left to the winds of chance and the minor few? What if you could tap into it, nurture it?


What if you could truly regain your vibrancy and embrace your life with more energy and passion than you ever imagined?


We’re going to delve deep into this topic. The dirty details, the limitations, the colorful experiences that make us all who we are. The process of waking up is not easy, but there’s a cleansing power in removing the messy bits and getting to the point.


One day at a time, one week at a time, I’m going to share what I learn with you and hopefully we can all grow, open, un-plug our clogged lines and tap into that abundant storehouse of life force that we were all born with.


Tapping into our OWN Fountain – which is why this image stood out to me – it speaks to me of living life like an abundantly flowing colourful fountain.