What are my gifts?..Not talents…The gifts I’m meant to share.

your gifts{I apologize up front…this is more like a diary post than a blog post – you’ve been warned.}

After a weekend conference full of vulnerability, honesty and a heck of a lot of courageous people sharing their personal stories at the Real Summit graciously put on by Philip McKernan, I’ve come home with this question swirling in my mind. He asked it, I’m trying to find my answers.

And yet, apparently I already know them {as philip would pointedly say}…it just seems very evident at this time, that I’m not very clear.

Through the searching, working, writing, asking of over 15 years, I still feel I have a big mishmash of talents, gifts, necessaries & interests that have combined in my life to create a lot of unique answers but they’ve all been different.

From my youth, I’ve been a strong-willed fighter, entrepreneur and inventor.  I loved competition and proving myself as a strong, smart girl able to do anything.  I jumped right into engineering technology school – aced that and loved being one of 5 girls in a class of over 300 guys.  Something again about proving that girls can do anything.  From there,  I quickly got married and worked in the engineering field although I fangdangled jobs by creating solutions for companies and proposing them in interviews with no clue how to implement – I learned on the job.

Next life went into high family gear. 2 kids, Massage Therapy school with my husband, a couple moves across the country.  I really loved the work as a massage therapist because of how flexible it was and the rate/hr was great for part-time mom hours….and I seemed to have a knack with clients as I was often told that I gave the “best massage they had ever gotten…and they had apparently had a lot!”. Maybe it was my strong hands, my deep strength…and my ability to really feel the knots in their muscles and feel the full extent of the release in my body as well.  I am very in-tune with what’s happening in the bodies of people I work on, I always massage with my eyes closed – so I can “listen”.

Fast forward, another move and another 2 kids, I continued massaging but also oiled up my entrepreneurial side and bought a spa.  I loved the challenge of changing the culture, marketing and building a business and systemizing it so it could run without me – like a true business.  I was still massaging but it was an “extra time” thing to do amongst everything else.  Got the spa into a higher profit margin and sold it – partly because I felt it was locked in at that level (hard to expand in a small local market) and partly because I wasn’t loving the “nanny-taking-care-of-my-kids-all-day” guilt.

Side-note during that time I was also chief bookkeeper for my husband’s company – hated it! Definitely not my talent OR gift…but I did love helping in the set up, coming up with marketing campaigns and helping out with business development. hmmm.

And then {and still now} there was a background of online business going on, selling products, learning how to build websites, creating e-books and dropshipping business. A fitness company, a wellness company, some online marketing programs.  Actually A LOT of online marketing programs…and a lot of magazines read on innovation, inventions, online business trends etc.  Yes, give me an extra hour and I’d be playing around with websites on WordPress, figuring out the affiliate marketing process or reading INC. magazine.

And then came in the conversations about women’s wellness, health, hormones,  body love.  I have a huge book case on that subject alone.  How I could feel & look great into my 80’s, how I could help other women do the same….I feel blessed to have an energetic, healthy body and I love pushing it, challenging it…owning it.  Exercise through this whole process – starting at age 13, has always been my “me” time.  The place where I invest in myself.

OK, so I’ve rambled on enough.  I truly felt like writing this all out would help me get through the fog.

Still foggy.

I get fired up about:

  • women being treated as less than equal to men.
  • encouraging women (and men too) to be brave and live life to their fullest – and to overcome what’s holding them back (be it body, mind or spirit)
  • innovations and trends – taking new ideas and putting them into action.
  • physical and mental challenges that make me feel alive in my body.
  • feeling the rush of energy that happens when muscles release  {that healing connection that reminds me there is so much more than what the eye sees}.
  • being a mom…a mom that’s connected, supportive, caring, loving and open.  Giving “Roots & Wings” – my motto.
  • I guess I like to get my hands dirty too…
  • oh ya…I love, love, love the “shavasana” bliss feeling – of soaking it all in – in nature, in class, in eating, in love, in moments.

But what are my Gifts?  Looking over this, still not clear.

Next step…reaching out.  Gonna start asking the people around me.   And if you’ve read this, and I realize it’s kind of like a long diary entry and I’m slightly embarrassed that you’ve gotten all the way to here…

send me a note, tell me what you think.


more importantly, I’d love it if you took the time to reflect on yourself. Maybe take this same journey and really see if you can pinpoint what your GIFTS are…so you can share them even more in your life.  Make them front and center in your life {whatever your “work” might be – you can add them to anything} and I can guarantee when you’re sharing, you’ll be exactly where you need to be.


Photo courtesy of Concordia University Irvine, www.cui.edu