You don’t know how great you are…

And sometimes you just need someone to see it for you.

I just was blessed with a conversation with a visionary – a soul visionary.  The double blessing is that it is also my life partner, lover, soul companion and best friend.  You see so often we walk around in our “limits”.  We can only see things through the filters and levels of “awesomeness” that we’ve created for ourselves.  The realization I had this morning is that when we’re given a bigger vision – through the words or imagery of someone else….we can break through and see it for ourselves.  Take off the foggy goggles we’re wearing.

Now the even cooler part is the vision-giver, gets the healing as well.  When we help others see their true potential, we get to see the bigger potential – the UNIVERSE that’s in us as well.  It’s the same in any healing situation, the healer is healed along with the healed.

Lesson learned – Go forth and see the greatness in others, tell them, share the vision and not only will they be inspired to grow but your vision will also be expanded.  What a giving and abundant universe we live in!  The clearer we see, the more we let go of our limits and toss them out effortlessly (meaning only awareness is needed to release them and awareness is truly effortless when we become unattached) the more we can embrace into our lives.

You are unlimited.

The small inklings of hesitancy and doubt are your limits.

See the divine in others, and you’ll see it in yourself.

Celebrate the growing process.

Give thanks for the sometimes difficult process that it takes to get to awareness…but then rejoice in the effortlessness of awareness itself.

Breathe deeply

Forgive yourself.

You are a complete, you’re perfect, thank you for showing up!



P.S. Steve, thanks for being so open, loving and encouraging. I love all parts of you – body, mind and spirit and feel so blessed to share this life with you <3