Your Period is actually a Free Life Coach?

Nature has given women a definite advantage in understanding what’s going on in their bodies with our menstrual cycle.  It hit me today that it’s much like having a free life coach…. what?  Yes – when you look at it this way, the “annoyance” of our menstrual cycle can actually become an awareness asset that I bet men would love to have.  OK, maybe men wouldn’t love getting their period every month but seeing that they go through as many hormone changes as we do, we have an advantage of some very specific signs to keep us in tune with whats really happening.

So, about this free life coach?  Let me explain… Life Coaches are known to help people get in tune with their true desires, their current situation, point out their strengths (and weaknesses) and keep you on track so you can optimize your life by living it authentically.

Now with your monthly cycle, when you’re aware what day you’re on and then can reference it to your hormones and emotions etc (it’s all detailed by day in my Vibrant Month Program) you’ll know what’s happening in your body, what your strengths and weaknesses are and how to optimize your day, your interactions and your activities.  It’s a unique and powerful way to check in with your own personal free life coach!

What would you ask your personal life coach every morning?  What should I do today?  Am I heading in the right direction? How can I make my relationships, job, health, better and my dreams come true?

I can’t guarantee your menstrual cycle will answer!  But I can say that if you look up the day you’re on and match it up to your cycle calendar I’ve put together in The Vibrant Month Program, you’re going to have a lot clearer awareness of what your BODY wants you to do that day….would you listen to it?

Respect-your mentrual cycle